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    about colour and vibrancy in your interior space. At home or in the work place Ramech Wall Deco aims to reinvigorate your everyday environment. Through the use of ceramic tiles, embossed wallpaper and custom wall art, the Ramech Wall Deco concept will surround you with inspiration.


    Phone: UK (+44) 07780997141 to inspire your space




    Original Designs

    Hand Drawn

    Every single design originates from Rahel's hand drawings. Each inspired from her Ethiopian heritage, experiences through life and natures vibrancy.


    The naturally geometric creations take days or years to finish by hand then mastered into either singular or repeated patterns, making them perfect for wall decoration.


    These original designs are the key to what Ramech Wall Deco represents; a wall decoration concept focusing on vibrancy and inspiration at home and in the work place.

    British Quality

    As Standard

    All tiles, wallpaper and wall art commercially produced in the UK, ensureing that only the highest standard of materials and reproduction process are used.


    The designs reproduced precisely on to various forms of long lasting and quality wall (or floor) materials ready for easy installation.

    Unique Experience

    In Every Space

    The Ramech concept is to create vibrant energy within the standard bland living/work environments.


    From office space to hotel washrooms, home hallways to the little dark lifeless walls in that bathroom, a Ramech design (for wall or floor) will enlighten that place.



    Brighten your living space, one square foot at a time.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Compliment or feature in your space

    E: contact at Ramech.com | T: +44 (0)7780997141


    • Designs are fired on to Italian ceramic tiles  
    • Embossed Texture, can be felt and seen on each tile.
    • Choose from matt or gloss finish.
    • Complies with International standards for ceramic tiles: BS EN ISO 10545
    • DIMENSIONS: 30x30cm 12" , 20x20cm 8", 15x15cm 6", 10x10cm 4", 20x20 and 30x30cm tiles are also available in floor tiles
    • Specially coated for office or Public areas
    • Made to order with minimum of 1 square metre
    • Produced in Kent, UK


    Wall Paper

    Add expressive designs to the subtlest surface space

    E: contact at Ramech.com | T: +44 (0)7780997141


    • Designs printed on textile fibre; cellulose blend printed in non-toxic water base inks and is removable.
    • For domestic, residential and public areas / heavy traffic
    • Anti-flammable (B1 standard)
    • Can be used in wet areas, UV light proof, no shrinking / expanding and has ecological benefits.
    • Numbered panels for ease of installation
    • Wallpaper is made to measure to dimensions given or supplied in five-metre lengths on a roll.
    • Minimum order 10 square metres, this can include multiple designs. Produced in Kent, UK
    • 100% recyclable.


    Commissioned Works

    100% unique designs created once per client

    E: contact at Ramech.com | T: +44 (0)7780997141


    Think big or think small. Commissioned works are are created once per client. Through a process of interveiws, Rahel will learn and create completely individualised designs. Then depending on the space to fill, Ramech will work with partners to produce the finished work. 



    • Art: Simple but elegant wall hangings, work for any environment
    • Wallpaper Murals: Made to measure and scaled to your dimensions.
    • Tile Murals: Designs scaled to your dimensions and tiles numbered to reference an installation map.
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    Rahel Takle Peirce

    Artist and Founder

    Rahel has embarked upon the concept of Ramech Wall Deco as a freelancer, to bring her exciting artistic designs to life through a more functional and practical avenue.    


    Determined, well travelled, introspective of the ever-changing vibration of nature and ever dedicated to family. Rahel fundamentally draws stimulation from her complex Ethiopian heritage to continue developing her portfolio of designs, which is 20+ years in the making.



    Every individual geometric design captures the colour, vibrancy and emotion of the moment. Each meticulously hand drawn over days or years.

    The artist in her will never leave.




    Ready to enlighten your environment? Lets talk.


    E: contact at Ramech.com | T: +44 (0)7780997141

    Ramech Wall Deco



    UK +44 (0)7780997141





    contact at ramech.com 




    Protected by DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society)




    Ramech based in Reading, UK


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